July 24, 2016

Kids Basketball Hoop

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What’s the Right Age for Your Family to Purchase a Kids Basketball Hoop

The simple answer is – as soon as your kids can crawl! The more practical answer is that you should get your first kids basketball hoop when you can afford it and when your house has enough room to have it around without creating a large amount of clutter.

A basketball hoop for kids can be about whatever you would like to make of it. They come in all sizes and all price ranges. As a basketball enthusiast my message is that while it does not matter what size or shape your kids basketball hoop takes, you should make sure that you have one available at all times. The most important thing that you can do for your kids to help them to enjoy the game of basketball as they get older is to give them a place to play from the youngest of ages.

Plastic Basketball Hoops for Kids are Inexpensive

The great news for people interested in purchasing a kids basketball hoop is that they are very inexpensive. Plastic models available at many national toy stores can be purchased for less than 30 dollars. The kids basketball hoop models they carry are easy to setup with most just requiring a quick click to put the units together. The joy that your kids will get from them is immeasurable.

The units are adjustable and can place the height anywhere from 2 feet up to 6 feet high. This makes these types of units perfect for placement in the corner of the family room or basement. They are also terrific outside on the back patio.

My Personal Kids Basketball Hoop

When I was kid my parents spoiled us by having a kids basketball hoop in the family room that was an adjustable plastic unit and also by placing a small kids basketball hoop above our closet door in each of our bedrooms. That small basketball hoop allowed me to spend countless hours with my brothers rolling up sock balls and working every possible angle to shoot that sock wad into the hoop without hitting the roof of the room. We could make shots from about every spot in the room including laying flat on our backs from 16 feet across the room. It was fun.

Older Kids Basketball Hoop Models

As we grew up we advanced to bigger and better basketball hoops. My dad purchased a basketball hoop that we mounted above the garage to the roof. That worked out terrifically well until we started to bump into it so much that the bolts began to loosen from the garage roof. We knew it was time to move our kids basketball hoop to the other side of the driveway and to a pole of its own. That was the best thing we did for our game. That move allowed us to increase or shooting range and to play games with all of our buddies for hours on end in the safety and comfort of our driveway. Thanks Mom and Dad!