June 30, 2016

Portable Basketball Hoop

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When is a Portable Basketball Hoop Right for Your Family?

The short answer is that a portable basketball hoop is right whenever there is a need to move the basketball hoop from place to place in your yard or driveway, or when you want to have a basketball hoop but do not have the funds to invest in a full scale permanent basketball hoop.

How Affordable is a Portable Basketball Hoop

Here is the really great news for consumers. Portable basketball hoops can be purchased from major discount (Big-Box) retail outlets for a fraction of the price of inground units. The cost can be as low as thirty nine dollars if you wait for a sale and do not want a very high end unit. Most will run right at one hundred dollars for a nice quality, easily setup unit that your family can start to enjoy within hours of purchase.

Portable Basketball Hoop Base

The bases for portable basketball hoops are typically a hollow plastic shell that is wide enough to support the basketball hoop. The plastic shell is filled with your choice of water or sand. The weight is what matters most but here a couple of other considerations for you to ponder as you make your choice. The choice involves how difficult you would like for it to be to move or to store the unit. If you believe you will put the portable basketball hoop system away for the winter in a garage or a storage shed then you should likely use water as the weight for your portable basketball hoop. The reason is simple – water is easy to fill up the base unit with and, more importantly, it is very easy to drain.

The portable basketball hoop base will have a drain and fill plug. To drain the unit of water, simply remove the drain plug and then tilt the unit up or over as the water drains. It will drain to the point of about ninety percent. It is then that you will need to tilt it very far in order to get the remaining amount of water to drain.

Sand will offer a more permanent and perhaps better alternative for your portable basketball hoop if there is not a need to drain the base unit very often. The sand is thicker than water and will not tend to leak from the base unit. It will also not evaporate which means that you will not need to refill it very often, if ever.
Portable Basketball Hoop Construction

The construction quality of your portable basketball hoop is greatly dependent upon what you have paid for the unit. The higher quality units will be every bit as durable as conventional in ground basketball units. The lower quality portable basketball hoops will be good enough for your family to enjoy but they will not tend to hold up as your kids become teenagers and spend a lot of time dunking and generally treating the unit more harshly.

Portable Basketball Hoop Setup

The units are easy to setup if you can manage to follow some directions and are handy with a wrench and screwdriver. Configuring the breakaway rim, attaching it to the backboard and then configuring the adjustable pole system are the most challenging. Most systems have great step by step instructions to follow and once you get past the steps mentioned, the pole attachment to the backboard followed by the pole insertion into the base unit are easily completed in a short amount of time. Fill up your portable basketball hoop base unit with sand or water and start playing – you are ready to go!