July 23, 2016

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

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Trampoline Basketball Hoop – How to Get Your Kids to Have a Blast with Their Trampoline

So you have a trampoline in your backyard. By now you know this works…the kids get on it, they jump around for a while, then they get bored and they jump off. The trampoline sits idle the rest of the day and maybe does not get used for weeks at a time. End that lack of use forever with the purchase of a trampoline basketball hoop. Your kids will love it, you will love watching them and their basketball games might get a little better in the process.

What is a Trampoline basketball Hoop?

A trampoline basketball hoop is a concept that has been around for about 15 years but the equipment has now been upgraded to the point where anyone can get one, install it and use it. They are also designed for any level of play – from 4-5 year olds with simple systems and one hoop who just want to shoot around a little bit while jumping to full blown, double trampoline basketball hoop systems with glass backboards designed for college kids who want to be rough and tough and ultra competitive.

How to Know Which Trampoline Basketball Hoop is Right for Your Family

First consider the age of your kids. If they are small and just want to have some fun, a single hoop designed with padding and an adjustable hoop level will be great for them. These types of trampoline basketball hoops systems are easily put together with easy-follow instructions. They can get set up in minutes and then they simple get wheeled to the edge of the trampoline and the kids can start jumping and shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and shooting…you get the idea – it is fun! The main thing to watch for while the kids are playing is that you have some kind of netting around the trampoline itself. The netting is there for two reasons. The first is to be sure the kids do not fall off of the trampoline while shooting and the second is to try to keep all of the rebounds in the trampoline. Nothing kills the game faster than having to constantly get down from the trampoline and fetch the basketball across the yard. My family has found that the best games are played where there are a couple people playing the game and a couple more on the grass collecting loose balls resulting from crazy shots.

Deluxe Trampoline Basketball Hoop Systems

If you have older kids who are in high school or college they will likely enjoy the challenge of having two goals placed at either end of the trampoline and then having to constantly jump and shoot over their opponent while the defender tries to jump and block the shot. Care should be taken to keep a safe distance away from each other and some games some with a netted wall that can be placed as a halfway barrier wall. These are very effective in keeping the players from colliding, which is the main lead in to injuries while playing this game.

The older kids will enjoy playing with your trampoline basketball hoop because it offers a competitive game, keeps them moving all the time, is a great workout and boy, is it fun. Enjoy and be safe!